Full Representation - From Start to Closing

Full Representation - From Start to Closing

Flat Fee. Full Service. Sell your home for $3000.

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*Broker co-op may apply

Homes above $1 million, a 1% fee is charged

Redefy USA Team

Changing The Way Homes Are Sold

Buying and selling a home is a huge undertaking. That is why we designed our entire business to make the real estate process seamless, affordable and successful.

Who We Are

It all started with realization that there is a better way to help people buy and sell homes

What We Believe

We believe in the use of technology to standardize processes and bring fairness and transparency to customers

Where We Are Headed

We are headed for a consistency of real estate service and fair prices on a national level

Why We Do It

We do it to create a better way, with reasonable fees in an industry overdue for change

The Support of A Team of Experts

At Redefy, providing full-service real estate services requires a team. We are talking about a core group with a passion for real estate. But a team alone cannot bring you what we bring -—fees that are thousands of dollars less—without adding something unique to the process.

So at Redefy we have created a structured business model, focusing on highly defined roles, technology integration and consistent process for agents to follow. Each step in the real estate process has a specific person attached to it, so our staff stays focused on performing great at their responsibilities and our agents focus on finding, showing, negotiating and representing our clients best. For consistent support, we developed our own software to automate the home selling and buying processes. The result is an increase in efficiency, cost management, and improved service, making the Flat-Fee model possible.

Meet The Redefy USA Team


Flat Fee Real Estate - Jordan Connett

Jordan Connett



Flat Fee Real Estate - Chris Rediger

Chris Rediger



Flat Fee Real Estate - Carrie Aversano

Carrie Aversano

Market Launch Director


Flat Fee Real Estate - Mike Perry

Mike Perry

Director of Marketing


Flat Fee Real Estate - Joel Boyd

Joel Boyd

Regional Director, West Operations


Flat Fee Real Estate - Stephanie Gaudreaui

Stephanie Gaudreau

Director of Human Resources


Flat Fee Real Estate - Victor Navarro

Victor Navarro

Accounting Manager


Flat Fee Real Estate - Suzanne Collins

Suzanne Collins

Media Manager


Flat Fee Real Estate - Robert Rudey

Robert Rudey

Senior Systems Engineer


Flat Fee Real Estate - Allison Aranda

Allison Aranda

Franchise Sales


Flat Fee Real Estate - Susha Roberts

Susha Roberts

Content Manager


Flat Fee Real Estate - Michelle Adcock

Michelle Adcock

Staff Accountant


Flat Fee Real Estate - Craig Lenning

Craig Lenning

Web Developer


Flat Fee Real Estate - Chris Rodriguez

Chris Rodriguez

Web Developer


Flat Fee Real Estate - Suzanne Collins

Jessica Skiera

Sales Consultant Team Lead


Flat Fee Real Estate - Marc DeBellis

Marc DeBellis

Sales Consultant Team Lead