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Redefy is a full-service real estate brokerage committed to returning value to customers through superior service and flat fee listings. Our experience also allows us to help you find the house of your dreams and negotiate the best price possible!

Homes For Sale in Pineville

flat fee real estate, redefy, home for sale, 12605 Short Lane, Pineville, NC 28134-6467, sell your home for 3500
MLS: 3555332 RE/MAX Executive
5 Beds
5 Baths
3396 SqFt
0.22 acre
  • 12605 Short Lane
  • Pineville, NC 28134-6467
flat fee real estate, redefy, home for sale, 14903 Country Lake Drive, Pineville, NC 28134-6441, sell your home for 3500
MLS: 3564533 Wilkinson ERA Real Estate
5 Beds
4 Baths
3318 SqFt
0.26 acre
  • 14903 Country Lake Dr..
  • Pineville, NC 28134-6441
flat fee real estate, redefy, home for sale, 12724 Short Lane, Pineville, NC 28134-6478, sell your home for 3500
MLS: 3582193 Costello Real Estate And Investments, LLC
4 Beds
3 Baths
2717 SqFt
0.29 acre
  • 12724 Short Lane
  • Pineville, NC 28134-6478
flat fee real estate, redefy, home for sale, 14303 Country Lake Drive, Pineville, NC 28134-6434, sell your home for 3500
MLS: 3523328 Allen Tate Company
5 Beds
5 Baths
3222 SqFt
0.19 acre
  • 14303 Country Lake Dr..
  • Pineville, NC 28134-6434
flat fee real estate, redefy, home for sale, 14616 Country Lake Drive, Pineville, NC 28134, sell your home for 3500
MLS: 3581777 Allen Tate Company
4 Beds
3 Baths
2899 SqFt
0.27 acre
  • 14616 Country Lake Dr..
  • Pineville, NC 28134
flat fee real estate, redefy, home for sale, 13714 Lancaster Highway, Pineville, NC 28134-6393, sell your home for 3500
MLS: 3575246 Keller Williams Ballantyne Area
0 Beds
0 Baths
4.21 acre
  • 13714 Lancaster Highw..
  • Pineville, NC 28134-6393
flat fee real estate, redefy, home for sale, 804 Lyndon Station Drive, Pineville, NC 28134, sell your home for 3500
MLS: 3500622 Weekley Homes, LLC
3 Beds
3 Baths
2314 SqFt
0.06 acre
  • 804 Lyndon Station Dr..
  • Pineville, NC 28134
flat fee real estate, redefy, home for sale, 11726 Southcrest Lane, Pineville, NC 28134-9158, sell your home for 3500
MLS: 3557426 Keller Williams Ballantyne Area
5 Beds
3 Baths
3203 SqFt
0.25 acre
  • 11726 Southcrest Lane
  • Pineville, NC 28134-9158

Information About Pineville

Pineville is a suburban town in the southernmost portion of Mecklenburg County, North Carolina situated in the Waxhaws district between Charlotte, North Carolina and Fort Mill, South Carolina.

What Redefy Can Do For You

Redefy Real Estate is a full service residential real estate brokerage. We help buyers find the beautiful house you want in your desired neighborhood and negotiate your deal to get you the best price possible. Whether you want a condo or acreage, we can access every current listing available. Sellers, we can help you to sell quickly and save you thousands with flat fee listings - that's money you can use for more important things in life (not real estate commissions).

Frequently Asked Questions

How does your $3500 flat fee work?

There are three main costs when selling a house. Paying the listing agent, paying the buyer’s agent and title fees. We save money on the listing side of the transaction by charging a flat fee of $3500 instead of a commission (typically around 3% of the price of a home). Home sellers will still be responsible for paying the buyer’s agent and title fees.

When do I pay the $3500?

Our $3500 flat fee begins with a 500 non-refundable deposit paid at the time you sign a listing contract with us. It is used to pay for the marketing of your property. The deposit is part of the $3500 fee and is deducted from the $3500, so at closing, you’ll only owe the remaining $3000. The $3500 ONLY covers the listing agent’s commission. You will still be responsible for paying the buyer’s agent commission. (broker co-op).

What is a broker’s co-op?

The broker’s co-op is the split in commission between a buyer’s agent and a listing agent. Traditionally the broker’s co-op was split at about 3% to the listing agent, and 3% to the buyer’s agent. At Redefy, we replace the listing agent commission with a $3500 flat fee, but the seller is still responsible for the full buyer’s agent commission.

What is the title fee?

The title fee is paid to the title company, whose job is to ensure you actually own your home and prevent anyone else from claiming rights to it.

Do other realtors avoid Redefy?

No, they do not. To a buyer’s agent, Redefy is no different than other brokerages. This is because the home seller determines what to offer the buyer’s agent as payment. At Redefy, we recommend home sellers set the buyer’s agent’s commission to be comparable to the market rate. This ensures that the buyer’s agent will be properly motivated to take his clients to view the listed property.

How can you only charge a flat fee of $3500 and still make money?

Redefy is profitable because it has created a repeatable process, with defined roles that consistently generate business and keep agents selling. We create efficiency by incorporating technology into a team approach. Our field agents meet with customers and are supported by in-house agents who focus on customer service and processing the transactions. The result is a higher volume, which keeps our agents busy and lets us pass the savings back to the customers.

How do you market your listings?

All of our listings are marketed the same way. They are listed on the MLS, which is syndicated to hundreds of national websites, including, Zillow, Trulia and This ensures the highest visibility for listings. According to the National Association of Realtors, over 92% of homebuyers search for their home online. In addition we market homes through online and offline channels, driving home buyers to view your property. Lastly, we place a yard sign. Neighbors and people driving by often know someone who wants to live in your neighborhood. These methods make up over 99% of all home sales in the US.

How long has Redefy been in business?

Redefy has been selling houses since 2011 and has been growing quickly ever since. The concept of flat fee real estate commissions has been around much longer, but Redefy is the first company to successfully systemize the flat fee, full service model on a national scale.

What makes Redefy different?

Redefy is different for a few reasons. Though flat fee real estate isn’t new, we are the first company to operate a flat fee brokerage on a national level. But our biggest differentiator is that we are a full service brokerage. You’ll receive all the same services that you would with a traditional agent, but you only pay a flat fee of $3500. We strive for the highest customer satisfaction ratings, while providing the smoothest and least stressful transaction. This is how we’re changing the way real estate is sold!

What don’t we get with Redefy?

We typically do not hold open houses on our listings. Due to internet technology, open houses are a thing of the past. The same can be said for printed flyers, so we do not usually print them for your listings. We’ve found that both open houses and flyers tend to only draw the attention of curious neighbors and people who aren’t serious buyers. Other than these two items, Redefy does everything you would expect from a full service brokerage.

Is Redefy full service and what does that entail?

Yes, we are full service. At Redefy, full service means complete representation by a licensed agent throughout the entire real estate transaction process. We’ll list your home on the local MLS, which publishes the listing to hundreds of other national websites like Zillow, Trulia and Additionally, you’ll receive an in-home consultation, comparative market analysis (CMA) of your home, yard sign, showing service, lock box for showings, home staging advice and contract negotiations. Redefy will be with you from start to finish to ensure that your property gets sold. Click here to watch a video about our process.