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Redefy do i need a permit image of kitchen sink via Pixabay

Do I need a permit for that remodel?

DIY and remodeling go hand-in-hand, thanks to the many sites and TV shows dedicated to the subject. It’s easy get carried away, updating away without thinking about whether or not a project might need a...

How to sell in a hot market image of house and rainbow via Pixabay

How to sell your house in a hot market

As a seller in an aggressive market, it’s easy to get carried away with expectations of the pot of gold awaiting you. But the end of the rainbow may disappoint you if you don’t understand the...

Redefy housing news 3.27.2017 house hunters via BuzzFeed

Inventory, Market Value and House Hunters

Housing News 3.27.2017 This week in housing news you can use, inventory hits new lows, an appraiser gives you buying tips, the housing market goes up in value, and house hunters say what they’re...

Redefy buy in a hot market image of sold sign via FlickrCC

How to buy in a hot market

As a buyer in an aggressive “seller’s” market, it may seem impossible to get the house you want. Expert appraiser Ryan Lundquist offers some sound advice for buyers in a hot market.

Redefy housing news image of Shoe House via Wikimedia

First-Time Buyers, Taxes and a Shoe House

Housing News 3.20.2017 This week in housing news, we’ve got advice for first-time millennial home buyers, a market update on new home construction and US property taxes by state. Oh yeah, and a real...